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   As a holistic health practitioner, educator and artist, I believe that we design our life in order to reach our full potential. This is our unique expression of creativity. My attitude in life has always been philosophical, positive and transpersonal.


Born into a multicultural French/American family, where I was greatly inspired by my mother who was a medical researcher and my father who was an architect, I grew up exposed to 2 very different cultures, as well as art and science. Then through extensive travelling, I was fortunate to connect with people from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, including indigenous people from different parts of the world.

I learned about the rigor of scientific exploration in academia (phD in biological sciences ) and as a clinical researcher in Oncology (cancer research). After 20+ yrs of healing/counseling work in organisations and private practice in the areas of disability, mental health and aged-care, I honed my empathic skills as a medical intuitive. A near-death experience in my early twenties, radically reshaped my worldview and my understanding of health and healing.                                                                               I  am an accredited counselling psychotherapist, somato/emotional release therapist (CST/SER) and transpersonal art therapist. I also received training in several forms of complementary medicine including; Reiki, Pranic healing and indigenous/shamanic healing practices. In 2008, I co-organized an international gathering of indigenous Wisdom Keepers (The Red Blanket Gathering) in Queensland Australia and subsequently, was invited to join the 13 Australian (Peace) Grandmothers by a respected Maori Elder living in Australia.


My life's work involves facilitating personal growth, through the cultivation of awareness, healing and radical positive transformation of a limited sense of self. Suffering is a powerful motivational force for evolution. 

My contribution to healing the collective malaise therefore involves helping people to re-instate their natural sense of beauty, wonder, care and humanness creatively.​ As such, my work is holistic, multi-modal, and highly intuitive. It combines deep inquiry, energy bodywork, somatic/emotional release work, expressive art forms (visual arts, movement, sound), contemplative practices, and transpersonal psychotherapy. Personal inquiry and growth takes place through workshops, online coaching and private sessions.

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