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HEALING - In a supportive environment and with awareness, your body and mind have the innate capacity to heal naturally.

Illness is the body's natural and most effective way of indicating which system needs adjustment and how. Since physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects or levels of experience function as a whole impact each other, my approach is holistic, intuitive and person-centered. I will work with you on several levels simultaneously (i.e. somatically, psychologically & energetically) to help restore balance and coherence.  - Call me on 0400 905 750

Healing is offered as:


  • Individual private sessions

  • Distant healing via Skype

  • Small group programs - 4/6 weeks (min. 6 participants)

COACHING - Individual coaching is designed to support you during periods of change and growth. This is my area of greatest interest and expertise.

Having the right support is crucially important during these challenging times of change, Without it, it is very difficult to: 1. gain enough clarity about what is going on, 2. find the strength and skills necessary to overcome the obstacles to growth and 3, consciously and successfully embrace change, and 4. learn from the experience and move on to a more empowered state of being.  - Call me on 0400 905 750

Your objective may be to: 


  • Identify and activate your core strengths

  • Find your calling 

  • Identify and address unconscious patterns that interfere 

       with your growth and transformation

EVENTS - Workshops are offered for personal exploration and involve learning through self-inquiry and experience  - either half- or full-day events or 5-week-long deeper immersions, Themes vary but the intention is to explore an existential question - who am I? what is important to me ? what is the meaning of my experience? how can I increase my experience of peace and joy no matter what my circumstances are? How can I best come to terms with the transient nature of existence? - Call me on 0400 905 750


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