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Inhale, exhale... and once again

So many issues can be resolved simply by regrouping, going into silence and focusing inward on the breath, or taking a walk in nature. Even though circumstances may appear out of control requiring that things be fixed or dealt with immediately, including answering other people's challenging questions, more often than not the reality is that it is not an emergency. In fact, unless we are faced with imminent harm, it is not wise to make decisions, act or respond when confused or hyperaroused or in shock. The urge to respond imediately to a challenge no matter how severe is a natural, mostly unconscious way of dealing with threat and is governed primarely by our physiology - the fight /flight /freeze response of an activated sympathetic nervous system.

Since this response is automatic, instantaneous and mainly unconscious, it's conscious and deliberate opposite, which is to relax so that an effective solution can be found, needs to be practiced repeatedly when circumstances are not stressful. This is one of the many benefits of regular meditation and/or yoga practices, which for that reason are so effective at building emotional resilience in the face of adversity.

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